Cover Reveal!


Here’s the cover for MK McGowan’s upcoming book, Highways, Byways, and Roadside Distractions!

Sullivan Bernstein, laid off and lonely, hits the road to clear her mind and reset her priorities. After picking up a few unexpected guests and committing a few felonies, Sullivan realizes the journey is more important than the destination and, sometimes, you find love just when you stop looking.

After a disastrous audition, Alison Waverly, an actress trapped in ditzy romcom hell, flees LA. Despite money and connections, she’s lost control of her life. A chance encounter on the road offers clarity and, maybe, something more. But only if she can avoid getting arrested or dragged back to Hollywood.

Two women on the road trip of a lifetime. Because, after all, when life gets to heavy, we can all use a little roadside distraction.

A great beach read! Preorders opening soon!