Demonology for Beginners is Now on Amazon

M.K. McGowan’s second book, Demonology for Beginners, is now on Amazon. Here is the description:

All relationships face challenges, but for Wilhelmina Harker and Lucy Drake, trouble is just beginning. Four years of marriage sees boredom creeping in. Until…

One dark and stormy night, a beautiful stranger bites Drake. From there, life takes a frightening turn as Drake comes face-to-face with deadly immortals, mad scientists, and murderous thugs. Or, as Drake learns, the family.

When Drake goes missing, Wil has to face the possibility that her wife might be turning into a vampire. Throw in a cranky police detective, Drake’s infatuated colleague, and one super surly feline, and things get really interesting. When the in-laws from Hell show up, well, suddenly, boredom doesn’t sound all that bad.

We hope you enjoy it!

OMG! We have a book!

Welcome to Longborn We are so excited to announce that, after much angst, blood, sweat, tears, fiddling with formatting, and multiple edits, we finally published our first book on January 1, 2016.

Welcome to Longborn is the first offering from Comfortable Shoes Press, and it will always be special. It launches MK’s career as a published author, and my career as a publisher.

Stay tuned for more! 2016 is going to be a great year!